Valentine’s Day

 We pushed two single beds together
 and you wrote on the photo that I had died
 of alcohol poisoning
 a beer clutched to my chest or
 a broken heart
 as shards of glass poked through my dress.
 Now I sleep sideways
 on other people's sofas and other people
 keep hold of my internal organs - what's left - and despite everything
 I still hold my breath when I cross
 the road looking both ways first.

 I remember the field covered in a thick layer of fog
 as we stood contemplating
 where was best to love each other and I remember
 after we'd ran across an entirely different field
 you left me there and I froze to death  
 and then we didn't.
 Always a coward with front doors and hellos
 I threw tiny stones at your window
 perhaps because you can't ask someone to leave by the window. 
 They just fall.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. This poem and your poems in general have this quality of ‘raw thought. I really like reading them. This Valentine’s poem for some reason reminded of the film ‘Lost in Translation.’ Hope all is well. x

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