You said they were boats on my feet;
and I agreed, eager to please;
I was sinking
as freshly-washed decks 
met my eyes through the waves.
The soles squealed in the rain
spelled pavements out loud and 
apologies came 
before I'd reached the gate;
'S's slipped through teeth
that were not my own;
each intake of breath another redress
gums shining with Sorry. 
I tried
but nothing stuck to the roof of my mouth
waited for cars to pass
and windscreen wipers waved anyway.
But not to me. 
When it came 
the baby laughed like it had never mattered,
my legs made from last night's icecream:
laughed at the last year and the route I had taken there
and lay with her hands open; fingers, eyes 
asking to play.

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