You were there all Summer 
behind warm trees 
waving, waist-high grasses hanging 
from our belt holes. 
Now lying still 
under ice of your own
making I think about skating or
pressing my cheek close
to your window; knees
by my chest, skates
cutting a hole, blowing
hot air and writing
my initials with a gloved finger.  
I cycle past, 
brakes broken from cold and shrieking louder
than before.
The swans stay in their corner 
as snow comes down 
and you are not.
Staying true.
This isn't your season
the playground filled with Christmas wind
but in Spring 
they'll come again with rucksacks
and babies 
bigger than last year; 
made fat on the same geese
who once laid their eggs here
and tripping up on their laughter
we'll chase each other's children
our own strapped 
like birds to our backs
and they'll make songs 
for the Summer
to float like boats 
along the soft water.

One thought on “Lietzensee

  1. a Single drop can

    musk a home –
    roll up stairwells &
    nudge through jackets

    sad with draping then
    shoulder past attic –
    flap till in

    rafter skirting
    & weight-bearing
    wall the whole house

    slows to it – swells to that
    one substance whose
    clock-tick is I’m-

    perfection & under
    its surface an ave kneels
    sucking my life thread to a

    point to thread endless
    needles of silence &
    i of a sudden am

    very of – as if
    these rooms had
    matched me inner to

    outer – as though
    world & i had
    made time

    to sit to-
    gather each
    waiting for other

    to speak

    by Mario Petrucci

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