I saw no stars

It didn't all go black;
I saw no stars.
No lights and
no tunnel I
dreamed I'd cruise along wires
but instead
I just dreamed.
There was a hush
in my ears;
a tree fell
in the forest
behind eyelids
half-closed like my
for-a-moment-slowed heart
my pupils rose to a heaven
they couldn't see;
tadpoles swimming
to the surface.
I remember thinking
it was funny
wouldn't it be funny?
My knees going
bone gone jelly
a wet sponge
to the ground.
Damp all round.
My lettuce rolled
a head
across the floor
no blood, not then, not mine
just salad.
My own cradled
in arms upon arms
just a whisper in my limbs
but pumping again,
legs curled under
like those forest-floor leaves
knees by chin.

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