New Year’s Day

It rained on New Year’s Day
lines like a quarrel of frowns across the glass;
a forecast for the year ahead from
the car we watched
a runner and his resolutions; fat
drops like tears
on his hot face.

Despite their midnight message of order and restrained
the tarot cards lay in array on the kitchen table like dead leaves
or last year’s record sleeves
dispersed among gluey islands of Prosecco
and breakfast Shreddies.
Little Nips shovelled and chewed,
pants down and thrilled by it all,
the new year, he said, a fart under the duvet.


When the canal froze over

When the canal froze over
Christmas trees rose to the surface
like corpses
of all the bad things
we did
last year.

Buses sagged at the belly
and squealed.
On corners
pressed up against bodies;
swaying in the aisle.

Super moon

I got the moon in my eye
a cartoon-sized slice that floated to the surface;
a lily on my iris
yellow and serene.

Flags waved.

There was no cheese
but the craters sang,
mouths wide in the dark;
forever footprints
on that white desert scene.